Thursday, May 30, 2013

More photos of our little man. Playing at the park.
At the annual Cinco De Mayo party..

Just growing up.. This was about a month ago. Happy little guy.

This face just kills me. This is right after he made a huge mess.
It's like he's say... It wasn't me :) How could you get after this face?

Before I give Austin a bath I'll let him play in an empty tub with all his toys

He has been sleeping so much lately...
His first tooth popped through this last week followed by his second days later..

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Phone purge

I had a bunch of photos stored on my phone and here they are...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A busy few months!

No one tells you how busy life gets after you have a baby. I thought that before Austin Ry and I ran around in a busy tizzy but proven wrong again...

I went back to work when Austin was about 7 weeks old and Ryan's work is crazy fortunately I was only going back for 6 weeks were the longest weeks of my life working full time and being a full-time wife and mother I definitely struggle with. Then the holidays came and went in a blink of and eye. Christmas was great we bounced between the Jolley's and Donetta's house. We were able to see Kristine... What a sweet heart I can't believe she'll be home this summer!!

Ryan and Austin Christmas Eve

Too Tired Waiting to go to Church


I officially became a mom when I got peed on and thought "oh good it was just on me not the carpet."

Male bonding

Our hansom young man

Our little snow teddy bear

Bama protecting our little bundle

Tummy time with Grandma

Tummy time with Grandpa
Short but sweet first sledding experience 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Austin Pictures

 Upon request, here is more Austin. Not all are new pics but some are. We took him to his 2 month checkup. He weights 12.1 lbs 23 1/4 inches. The doctor was amazed at his growth and says that he is jumping percentiles. We have been lucky, he is a happy, healthy boy. Enjoy